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Working with ESF #4 on Stafford Act Incidents: Command & General Staff

Incident Management Team (IMT) roles and responsibilities during hurricanes, earthquakes, and other national and human-caused disasters may be different than IMTs typically have been. The course covers the roles of IMTs, ESF #4 and FEMA, interactions between IMTs and ESF #4, and the management of incident resources during Stafford Act incidents.

This course provides:

command and general staff members with an overview of IMT operations during Stafford Act incidents;  a brief introduction to ESF #4 and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) response operations;  and describes some of the differences between the wildland fire operating environment and the non-fire incident operating environments.


The course includes 10 modules:
• Overview
• Authorities and Framework
• Agreements
• National and Regional Response Structures
• Mission Assignments
• Responding to an ESF #4 Mission
• Operational Environment
• Best Management Practices
• Wildfire and Aviation Mobilizations through FEMA
• Course Summary

Reference Materials: