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Workstation Requirements - Read Before Starting Course

​NWCG Online courses are programmed in Adobe Flash and require browsers to be configured to run Flash content.  Important: Chrome and Safari are not compatible and will not track your progress, you will need to switch to the Mozilla Firefox, IE, or Microsoft Edge browser.  If your progress does not track it is due to incorrect browser settings or an incompatible browser.

Helpful Tip:If you do not receive a "green" check mark to the left of the module name on the Course Content screen when completing a module, then your browser is not configured correctly or you are using an incompatible browser.  At that point do not proceed until you have correctly configured the browser. Browser settings are normally ​accomplished at the user level.  If you work for an agency you may have to contact your agency's IT Department for assistance in configuring the IE browser to access the online training.

Flash Player Download and Help 

Internet Explorer Browser required settings  (If using Chrome or Safari you will need to switch to Firefox or Internet Explorer)

How to enable JavaScript in your browser

Required Browser Plug-Ins:

Mac Users:
The following is the required software and plugins needed to access the online training using a Mac OS X.  If your progress does not track while accessing the online training on a Mac, you will need to switch to a Windows PC that is correctly configured:

  • Mozilla Firefox Browser is the only compatible browser for Mac users.
  • Shockwave Flash must be installed per guidance provided above.
  • Current Adobe Reader

Note:  It may be helpful to print this page to use as a reference if you run into problems with your online course work not tracking.

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