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D-310, Expanded Dispatch Support Dispatcher (Simulation Materials) 2016

The course is presented through a series of facilitated discussions, exercises, and simulations.  The ROSS Simulation Materials are stored online but D-310 is an instructor-led course. Students will not receive course completion credit for completing the simulations without attending the entire D-310 course.

Refer to the sample course agenda in the Instructor Guide for guidance on when to present the ROSS Simulations.


The Simulation Materials should be downloaded and printed prior to the course to ensure effective delivery.

  1. Download the D-310 Simulation Materials Folder.
  2. Follow printing and copying instructions in the D-310 Simulation Logistics Package file.
  3. Ensure the D-310 instructor-led course materials have been ordered as outlined in the NFES Catalog: Part 2: Publications.