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S-470, Air Operations Branch Director (Pre-Course Work) 2013

This instructor-led course has pre-course work (estimate 2 hours). Additional information about the course can be found in the Field Manager’s Course Guide (PMS 901-1).

  1. Read the Air Operations Branch Director Position Task Book (PMS 311-17) to become familiar with the duties and responsibilities of the position.
  2. Read the Introduction to Aviation Risk Management document.
  3. Go to the National Transportation Safety Board website and select one incident (non-fire or fire) that occurred in the last calendar year to be discussed in class. The objective will be to apply the responsibilities of the AOBD to the incident.
  4. Read the Wesley Incident Decision. Look for items in this document that will have an effect on your aviation operations.
  5. Review the Wildland Fire Chemicals website.

Bring the following Items to class:

Laptop (this is required).

Cost tracking documentation.

Forms you would like to share that have helped you in your current aviation position.

Websites or mobile applications that support your aviation responsibilities.

Aviation Risk Management Workbook

Daily Operational Risk Assessment Tool (DORA Spreadsheet)

Interagency Airspace Coordination Guide

Military Use Handbook

Interagency Standards for Fire and Fire Aviation Operations (NFES 002724) (Redbook)

Interagency Helicopter Operations Guide (PMS 510)

Interagency Aerial Supervision Guide (PMS 505)

National Mobilization Guide (NFES 002092), Chapter 20 (Aircraft Ordering Information)

ICS 220 Air Operations Summary

ICS 214 Unit Log