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S-339, Division/Group Supervisor (Pre-Course Work) 2015

This instructor-led course has pre-course work (estimate 4-8 hours). Additional information about the course can be found in the Field Manager’s Course Guide (PMS 901-1).


The pre-course work is a professional reading assignment. Students are required to buy and read the material in advance of the Instructor-led portion of S-339. The Cadre will lead a discussion based upon information found in the book. This information will coincide with the learning objectives for this course. 

Students will be called upon individually or in group format in order to render opinions based on the following reading:

Title: The Mission, the Men, and Me: Lessons from a former Delta Force Commander

Author: Pete Blaber

Written by a retired Delta Force Officer, the book highlights the guiding principles and insights gained through a career of Special Operations around the world.

Class discussion on how the following “Guiding Principles” are integrated into Interagency Fire Operations and Supervision.

Guiding Principles from the Book:

• When in doubt, develop the situation.

• Imagine the unimaginable, humor your imagination.

• It’s not reality unless it’s shared.

• Don’t get treed by a Chihuahua.