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M-410, Facilitative Instructor (Pre-Course Work) 2013

This instructor-led course has pre-course work (estimate 1 hour). Additional information about the course can be found in the Field Manager’s Course Guide (PMS 901-1).

  1. Read Winegarden, Babbi, Ph.D. Writing Instructional Objectives. UCSD School of Medicine. Department of Medical Education. reading assignment.
  2. Complete the What's Your Learning Style? questionnaire.
  3. Answer the following essay questions:

    Explain the purpose of using a learning objective and describe the appropriate components of one.

    Discuss your individual experiences in teaching:

    What has your previous experience been as a facilitator or teacher?

    What methods have or have not worked for you and the audience?

    How would you improve these?

    Do you think your personal learning style (e.g. visual, auditory or kinesthetic) influenced your teaching?

    What are your expectations for this course (in helping you perform as a facilitative instructor)?