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Mountain Flying Training 2013

This online course addresses foundational mountain flying skills universal to safe and effective flight operations within mountainous terrain. This online course is designed for contract and government helicopter pilots.

  1. Complete the online course, including the final exam, by selecting the “Click to start the online course” link below (estimate 1-2 hours). You will be directed to the National Fire Academy (NFA) Online website. You will need an NFA Online account to take this course; follow directions on the NFA Online website to obtain an account. Search for course title in the catalog and add the online course to your “To-Do-List.” The NFA Online learning management system will track your progress.
  2. Click the following link for additional information on national contracts for helicopters.
  3. Print the NWCG certificate of completion per the NFA Online directions. Keep the certificate as proof of successful completion of the course.
  4. Submit the NWCG certificate of completion with your Helicopter Pilot Qualification and Approval Record Application as directed.