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S-260, Interagency Incident Business Management (Online) 2014

This is an NWCG-certified course. Click here to view the NWCG certification statement for this course.

This online course provides basic policy and direction for incident business management. The course is designed for all ICS positions and personnel seeking knowledge of incident business management. Additional information about the course can be found in the Field Manager’s Course Guide (PMS 901-1).

  1. Complete the online course, which includes a final exam, by selecting the “Click to start the online course” link below (estimate 16 hours). You will be directed to the National Fire Academy (NFA) Online website. You will need an NFA Online account to take this course; follow directions on the NFA Online website to obtain an account. Search for course title in the catalog and add the online course to your “To-Do-List.” The NFA Online learning management system will track your progress.
  2. Print the NWCG certificate of completion per the NFA Online directions. Keep the certificate as proof of successful completion of the course.
Reference Materials: 

The Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook (IIBMH) is used as the primary job aid to supplement this course.

Important Course Update Information:

The course was designed using the 2008 version of the Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook, PMS 902, but a newer IIBMH version was revised in 2016.  Many of the reference materials will be referring to the 2008 version.  You may have to look further in the 2016 version to find the materials they are referring to in this course.

In the course it mentions in several places to refer to the AD Pay Plan and provides a link to click on a button called the "Business Handbook Button"; that link is no longer valid, here is the correct link to find that information:  Incident Business Commitee Resources.

In the "Pay Provisions and Timekeeping/Recording" section on page 25 of 29, it has a test question that only accepts number c. 63 hours as the correct answer, when really the correct answer is number a. 60 hours as shown on the sample 288 form.

In the "Resources" button on each page some of the documents have been revised such as the IRPG, Fireline Handbook, so be aware of updates.